TTAB Upholds Rejection of Pharmacann Trademark Application

TTAB Upholds Rejection of Pharmacann & Pharmacannis Trademark Applications

On June 16, the US Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB) upheld an examiner’s rejection of PharmaCann LLC’s trademark registration ...
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UPC and Brexit Roberta Young Loza & Loza LLP

More Brexit & IP Concerns for Global Businesses

The technical world and its denizens (“techies”) live in a world that to outsiders seems to lie outside the “real ...
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Locker Room Talk May be Trademarkable after Matal v. Tam

“Locker Room Talk” may be Trademarkable after Matal v. Tam

Follow my blog with Bloglovin While you may have been surprised, shocked, or even outraged by some of the comments ...
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Roberta Young Loza and Loza Brexit and IP Implications

Brexit & IP Implications

Thomas P. (Tip) O’Neill was known for the quote “All politics is local”. For businesses today, the motto is “All ...
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BBB Possible Trademark Infringement

Lavar Ball’s Big Baller Brand Fouling Out?

BBB Logo May Cause Consumer Confusion On May 4, 2017, LaVar Ball made headlines by releasing Lonzo Ball’s first signature ...
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Prior Art Jeff Burgess Image News Article

Prior Art

Loza & Loza Partner Jeffrey Burgess created this flow chart to help determine whether a document qualifies as prior art ...
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Loza & Loza LLP IP Law Firm

Product Labeling as Evidence of Patent Infringement

Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider the content of product labeling carefully from a patent perspective. This includes device ...
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