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Loza & Loza LLP offers unmatched patent protection and litigation services for the industries that connect each one of us to each other, and the rest of the world. With leading PhDs, engineers, inventors, and scientists bringing centuries of industry experience, the firm’s passionate team of technological advocates help companies of all sizes — from the Fortune 500 to the garage startup — bring their vision to fruition.

The reality of a globalized world is the increased demand for connectivity at hyper-speed. The pace of business requires absolute reliability and security of the underlying communications and networking infrastructure. Data encryption and security protects individuals in an ever-more connected world. Innovations in power conditioning and signal processing enable machine communications to be faster and more efficient.

Leading Fortune 500 telecommunications and wireless networking companies enlist the attorneys at Loza & Loza LLP to develop and protect their patent portfolios, whose value easily eclipses the billions. Concrete industry expertise spanning decades enables Loza & Loza attorneys to help clients realize visions. Our attorneys use their scientific and technological experience — from inventors to engineers to lead NATO project engineers to in-house attorneys at Fortune 500 companies to Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonels — to help companies navigate complex technological ecosystems while balancing business challenges and pressures.


Patent Strategy & Counseling

Our attorneys enable innovation in the industries that connect us — from radar defense systems to automotive to semiconductor fabrication equipment to LTE, Wi-Fi, CDMA, and Device-to-Device wireless communication technologies. We work with engineers and inventors to develop a patent portfolio that is strategically assembled to withstand future challenges and to project confidence to investors and executives. Our firm offers comprehensive patent services to create compelling strategic advantages for our clients, such as:

  • Uncovering portfolio opportunities both in the courtroom and in the marketplace through expert portfolio management
  • Equipping clients with diligent “right-to-use” / “freedom to operate” opinions that articulate ability to use without infringement
  • Fortifying innovations against future claims through non-infringement opinions built on solid science and technology expertise
  • Understanding the strength of portfolio portfolios through validity opinions and prior art evaluation
  • Advising and marshaling successful transactions — joint ventures, licensing, and acquisitions — as part of strategic portfolio development
  • Management of international patent portfolios to maximize patent portfolios strength and breadth.

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Patent Acquisition and Filing

The attorneys at Loza & Loza LLP guide clients through the development and protection of a patent portfolio that helps the company reach its goals. Our firm employs a probabilistic approach to patent acquisition, where we assess the likelihood of potential infringement risks and uncover intellectual property uncertainties in the marketplace. Once we have successfully prepared and filed a patent for our client, we also enforce the rights and interests of our clients. Our firm scans the marketplace for infringement threats, and vigorously defends against claims of infringement. Loza & Loza provides a range of services for advancing the technological interests of our clients, such as:

  • Assisting clients in the protection of cutting-edge inventions that create competitive advantages in engineering, advanced technology, scientific, and software industries
  • Helping clients understand the scope of an invention’s novelty by conducting extensive prior art novelty searches
  • Offering full-service patent preparation and prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”)
  • Facilitating international patent filing and acquisitions
  • Drafting and filing provisional, utility, and design patents to address clients’ intellectual property needs at all stages of development

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Sample Patents

Patent No.
Medical Device 8,950,859 Multi-focal optical lenses
Biotechnology 8,883,479 Method for production of pH stable enveloped viruses
Biotechnology 8,912,127 Method of generating gene mosaics
Biotechnology 8,859,739 Anti-huTNFR1 antibody and methods of use thereof for treatment
Chemical 8,603,324 Method for hydro-upgrading inferior gasoline via ultra-deep desulfurization and octane number recovery
Software 8,910,190 Analytics data collection with low integration cost for dynamic message passing systems
Mechanical 8,261,933 Container
Mechanical 8,974,663 Systems and methods for collecting and distributing gray water
Mechanical 8,713,730 Medical transport device
Mechanical 9,042,094 Insertion and removal assembly for installing and removing data storage drives in an enclosure
Mechanical 8,925,568 Systems and methods for automating the operation of solenoid valves to prevent overheating of solenoid elements
Mechanical 9,016,552 Method for forming interposers and stacked memory devices
Electrical 8,725,455 Systems and methods for monitoring, inferring state of health, and optimizing efficiency of refrigeration systems
Electrical 8,810,980 Systems and methods for automatically re-routing power
Electrical 8,975,593 Gas avalanche neutron detector
Electrical 8,737,623 Remote Loading of Encryption Keys for MagTek
Electrical 8,867,322 Recording Media for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) for WDT
8,456,961 Laser Alignment for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) for WDT
Business Method 8,392,265 Systems and methods for collecting television viewing data and television interactivity
Design D685,556 Portable cleaning device
Design D569,243 Container
Design D738,205 Container
Design D738,205 Coin holder for use in a vehicle cup holder
Design D734,594 Hat
Chemical 9,561,994 Processes for Producing Acetic Acid

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