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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, successful businesses can command a significant advantage in the minds of their customers by establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity. Leading companies across all industries increasingly turn to the trademark experts at Loza & Loza LLP for counseling on how to develop and protect a distinct brand identity throughout the world. As brands evolve and grow, our attorneys are there at every stage, counseling on trademark clearance, identifying possible barriers, monitoring for counterfeits, and maximizing the value of trademark rights.

We understand the challenge that businesses face in shielding their goodwill from trademark infringement and dilution. With a diligent eye on our client’s bottom line, our trademark attorneys offer comprehensive solutions for trademark policing. We enable our clients to realize the full value of their marks and trade dress through aggressive prosecution of infringement, anti-dilution, counterfeit, and unfair advertising cases. From helping emerging companies looking to establish an identity in a crowded industry, to maintaining trademark portfolios of the Fortune 500, the attorneys at Loza & Loza LLP enable clients to maintain a distinct and compelling brand identity all across the globe.

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Trademark Registration

At Loza & Loza, our trademark attorneys are committed to maximizing the value of your brand, and securing a positive distinction in the hearts and mind of your customers. Our firm ensures the viability of a mark from its inception through a comprehensive set of trademark registration services, such as:

  • Conducting diligent trademark searches across all Federal and state jurisdictions
  • Producing expert opinions on the availability of a mark and possible infringement
  • Prosecuting applications and registrations before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB)
  • Advising on strategies for developing, updating, or revamping trademark portfolios
  • Developing licensing and coexistence agreement
  • Marshaling the transfer of trademark assets in mergers & acquisitions


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Trademark & Brand Protection

While the internet has raised the visibility of trademarks and brands across the world, it has also created new vulnerabilities for businesses. Our firm maintains an aggressive stance against challenges to our clients’ goodwill, and uses deep industry expertise and decades of experience to shield against all forms of infringement. Global companies trust Loza & Loza IP for for trademark counseling, protection, and enforcement services, such as:

  • Producing comprehensive training materials for trademark clearance & policing
  • Enforcing trademark rights against competing marks through opposition and cancellation actions
  • Combating dilution, infringement, and counterfeiting around the world through litigation
  • Halting unfair advertising or defamation through securing restraining orders or preliminary injunctions
  • Defending brands and trade dress in high-stakes matters, in jurisdictions across the world
  • Asserting rights of publicity and source of origin


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Sample Trademarks

4744474 Word Mark


4316424 Design Mark
3894362 Word Mark
4090335 Word Mark
4054315 Word Mark
4480192 Design Mark
4096588 Word Mark
4219714 Word Mark

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