Loza & Loza received an order on June 19, 2018 from the US District Court in the District of Arizona granting our motion for attorney’s fees for our client Couple of Bartenders in the trial for Budiyanto et al. v. My Vintage Venue et al. (Dist. AZ, No. CV-17-01410-PHX-SPL).

Our client was one of 33 defendants sued for copyright infringement in relation to their sharing a promotional flyer on Facebook. We successfully showed that the Plaintiffs failed to prosecute their case or to comply with Court orders, and further, failed to show that they owned Copyright in the photograph at issue.

In response to our motion to dismiss the case, the Plaintiffs’ counsel, whose license to practice law had been suspended in an unrelated matter, attempted to file an amended complaint alleging violations of the Clayton Antitrust Act, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and a broad conspiracy to have her license suspended in coordination with Arizona State University, the State Bar of Arizona, the IRS, the government of Mexico, and others.

The Judgment of Dismissal stated that the Plaintiffs failed to respond to our arguments, and instead, “have submitted other numerous filings, none of which present any coherent, non-frivolous explanation for their failure to respond to the motion [to dismiss], for their failure to inform the Court of counsel’s suspension, or for permitting counsel to continue representing Plaintiffs in this case in spite of the fact that she is not authorized to practice law.”

While the Plaintiffs appealed the judgment to the 9th Circuit, in that case the court terminated Plaintiffs’ counsel and Plaintiffs have yet to file anything further.

Loza & Loza partner Jeffrey Burgess represented Couple of Bartenders in this matter.

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